Since acquiring a working timber joinery business in 2006, we have built a reputation for fixing bits and pieces that are hard to fix. We help folks build things they want in their homes, assist members to gain confidence and to help others by getting involved in the activities of the shed.

Our Mission

Is to enhance the health of men and women in our community, particularly by encouraging those who are socially isolated, and who can benefit from friendly, helpful assistance, to become involved and learn new skills, and perhaps then have the satisfaction of passing those skills on to other members, or simply to assist our members to enjoy the company of others while doing worthwhile, inspirational things, and to have fun helping themselves and the community.

What we've achieved

  • Built a growing membership base of more than 90 local men and women
  • Acquired a working timber joinery shop with a supply of various valuable timbers, and some pretty awesome machinery.
  • Hold well attended regular Thursday lunches often with interesting guest speakers.
  • Sponsor a regular Wednesday woodworking group for men with a disability.
  • Hold a weekly womens woodworking group on Tuesday afternoons. 
  • Host several art groups working in a range of media.
  • Moved to new more suitable premises.
  • Run various courses such as the successful "cooking for survival" series.
  • Host a Broadband for Seniors kiosk.
They who care for themselves care for the world!