Get ‘OnYourBike’ - for Mens Health @ Armidale Men’s Shed

The Armidale Men’s Shed ‘OnYourBike’ Exhibition, will showcase some biking history and the current options that the bicycle provides to nurture good health as we age.

Shed President Roy Powell said the aim of ‘OnYourBike’ is to encourage an active lifestyle through biking, be it the stationary exercise version, the standard, mountain bike or electric pedal assisted bike. Regular activity is more important as we age and the saying ‘wear out not rust out’ is the key to maintaining good health and a long quality life. The bicycle fits the bill as a simple and effective means of getting and staying active as we age. 

The exhibition features some history of the bicycle and the development of the early motorcycle through to current technology.  It is supported by a small community grant from the Armidale Regional Council and NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. It will open at 11:00 am for riders to make their way to the Shed at 215 Mann Street be it by pedal, electric or motor powered. This event also coincides with NSW ‘Bike Week’ (17th - 24th Sept). On the following Saturday, we have a Demo Day of all things cycling including the opportunity to try various electric bikes, whilst obtain specialist advice on the bike that best suits your needs.


Men’s Shed member Russell Nicholson said “the exhibition marks 200 years since the invention of the modern bicycle by the German, Baron Karl von Drais (1817).  His machine was more like a child’s balance bike, with no pedals and often called the ‘running machine’. The Safety Bike of 1876, by English engineer Henry Lawson, gave us the bicycle type that we know today. The motorcycle then evolved by simply strapping an engine into a bicycle frame. That enabled the freedom of riding the bicycle farther from home. So we build on the connections between the humble bicycle and crossover to the motorcycle.

Shed member Daryl Albertson said ‘OnYourBike’ explores this link with the 1st Ducati motor. The Ducati biking legend began as an electrical appliance company venturing into powered transport with a little 4 stroke clip-on motor for bicycles, called the ‘Cucciolo’ or ‘Little Pup’ shortly after WW2. The full story of the ‘Cucciolo’ is told in amongst some special Ducati motorcycles. The exhibitions ‘Curiosity Section’ includes rarely seen local bikes of various types for all biking enthusiast.               

Roy said that the event provides information on all things cycling and how bicycles can be part of our lifestyle, recreation and every-day transport.  Our two local bicycle retailers, The Armidale Bicycle Centre and Bicycle Central on Marsh(BCM) will display their bikes and be on hand to chat during the Opening Day and later on the following Saturday for the Demo Day.

The Armidale Bicycle Centre has been operating in Armidale since 1974. Jock Bullen and son Mark, have built their family-owned business as a trusted retailer of high-quality bicycles and specialist repair workshop.  Mark and Jock have attended 6 Olympic Games and numerous World Championships as certified mechanics for the Australian Team.

At ‘OnYourBike’ the Bullens will present some of their history, accomplishments and leading edge technology that will inspire people to participate in the cycling world that the Bullen team are so passionate about.

Nathan Whitehill and Holly Harris have been a part of the Bicycle Central on Marsh (BCM) for almost three years, taking ownership in 2016.  They have a passion for bicycles, working on them, racing or riding around the off-road trail network around Armidale. Their passion is mountain bikes although BCM offers all things bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes and electric bikes.

Those attending 'On your Bike' will get to experience first hand how far bicycle technology has come. The advancement in electric bike technology has been huge, enabling people who might find it more difficult to ride a regular bike, to still stay active and enjoy a ride.

At the Demo Day on Saturday the 30th (10:00-12:00) both retailers plan to focus on the electric bike and offer guidance and advice as well as a number of demo bikes for people to try on the day.

Roy Powell said that today’s electric bike options make cycling both an economical and healthy lifestyle choice, for it saves petrol and registration costs, with longer life batteries that can be charged by both 240 volt or renewable energy methods.

‘OnyourBike’ will be a great event for both the bicycle and motorcycle enthusiast. So if you have a bike, whatever the kind, dust it off and ride it to the Men’s Shed and support your men’s health, you may just rekindle your interest in bikes.

If you wish to come in the costume of ‘Distinguished Gentlefolk’, you would be most welcome. To find information on ‘Distinguished Gentlemen’, a global initiative for men’s health go to:

Tickets for the Opening Day are now on sale at the Men’s Shed, the Armidale Bicycle Centre and Bicycle Central on Marsh (BCM), or at the door on the day. All proceeds from this event will go back to the Armidale Men’s Shed to support local men’s health projects and initiatives. 

Get ‘OnYourBike’ & ride along or just come to support your men’s health.